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"Focus your mind on this lyrical spiritual funk."


They are excited about sharing the gospel anywhere from the hood to the hay bales. They will keep you jumping and bumping while you experience the joy of the Lord. They are rapping and dancing. They are music and message. They are crazy and they are Choir Boys.

Choir Boys is a dynamic new Christian rap group focused on reaching youth with the good news of Jesus Christ. Their blend of challenging lyrics and funky,"fun for all" music has feet tapping and heads turning to see what's happening in Christian music!

Choir Boys was created in 1993 with the purpose of reaching young souls with a style of music and a message to which they can relate. Choir Boys reaches todays youth with...

* state of the art ideas, music, and lyrics to provide a positive alternative to secular music, concerts, and MTV.

* proof that the joy of the Lord provides a peace that surpasses anything the world can offer.

* providing youth the positive support and encouragement they need to stand for God and against peer pressure.

Scott Long is one half of the Choir Boys duo. Scott left for an F.C.A. (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) football camp one summer as a boy but came home a man. Surrounded by huge, burly, praying and football playing men of God, Scott met the one who changed his game plan in life forever. Scott shares his ideas on Choir Boys this way: "When you see the eyes in the crowd light up because they can relate to and understand the lyrics, then you know you are reaching them for the Lord."

Carey Ford is the other brother in the family. As a young kid with an attitude it was hard for Carey to see the need for a savior. A serious injury showed him that the world would let you down. That moment however, opened the door to a God who lifts you up no matter how far you fall. Carey shares: "When you leave a Choir Boys show sweaty, tired and with a fresh, new relationship with Christ, then we have done our job."

Get in touch with the Choir Boys today. Whether you are moved by the beats and rhythm in the music, the profound lyrical style, or the uplifting spiritual message, one thing is certain, When you see a Choir Boys show.... you are definitely going to move!

For more information contact: 919/872-7399

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