The Vertical is a small non-profit ministry dedicated to filling a big niche in the Triangle area of North Carolina, namely promoting live Christian music, with emphasis on a wide variety of contemporary music styles (ex. we've had anything from light acoustic music, to rock, punk, light and heavy alternative, grunge, funk, rap, industrial, blues, name it). Artists are local, regional and national.

Vertical Events

The Vertical is not currently booking bands. Please check out the other local clubs on the Triangle Area Music page.

What this means is that the Vertical is closed. God willing, it will open someday, but for now it is closed!

Support by: Adams Christian Bookstore (919) 469-2928
Video Production: V.C.R. Company (919) 836-1991

Check out Glitter Music on Raleigh cable channel 10, Wednesday nites at 11:00pm

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The Vertical is taking a much needed break from booking and promoting shows. We still do shows, its just not as many. We are working with several venues in the Raleigh/Durham area, so please feel free to contact us.

Here is an update of a few of the many people involved in the Vertical.

Kirk Adam - His band "bunker!" is very busy playing out as much as 7 times a month. He is currently still with Gibson, traveling North Carolina calling on his 21 accounts. He is still involved with Smear Records and Distributing. One of his goals for '98 is to purchase his first VW bus.

JJ Swick - JJ is doing great. His lovely wife, Jen, and JJ , and little JJ, Jr. live in Apex, the peak of good living. JJ is still building his guitar and amplifier collection. He recently obtaining a rare Ibenez Axe Man (remember Paul Stanley from KISS?). JJ is still at Nortel and he is a very important person there and around the USA and the World. He is involved in the national emergency telephone switching called 911. JJ still is finding lots of heavy bands and manages to see a lot of live shows. His band, "Death Bed Confessions" plan to record a demo sometime in the future.

Nathania - Doing well in the big city of Boiling Springs, (where Crimson Winter got started and put the town on the map ) attending Gardner Webb College. She is overcoming her shyness and has met many new friends since her freshman year.

Brian - Hangin' out in Chapel Hill and he is part of the SKA and Skin Hear scene there. Started DJing a while back and is in the process of putting together a rock steady band. He has gotten a few more tattoos and soon he will catch up with Mike (mxpx).

Chris and Barnabas MultiMedia - Doing fine. Chris is back with the Wake County Public Schools running a Multimedia Lab that he designed! He has upgraded his recording studio and is recording some great music. He still does live shows ocassionaly. He resides in Raleigh NC with his beautiful wife, Elizabeth.
He also is the webmaster for

We have put on some great shows in the area over the last five years and still plan to do plenty more. Keep an eye on this page and watch out for e-mails. If you would like to subscribe to the Vertical Mailings, please email:

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