Chris' trip to Royal Gorge in Colorado Springs

The big suspension bridge

The Arkansas River, which is over 1000 feet below the bridge. That makes this the world's highest suspension bridge.

Another view

The guy wires at the end of the bridge. These seperate wires combine to form the two big cables that hold up the bridge.

Entering the bridge

The guy wires from underneath

The guy wires from in between the guy wires

The Arkansas river and a railroad track that runs along the river.

See the little red gondola up high in the air. You can ride in it from one side of the valley to the other.

This is one of the two big cables that hold up the bridge. It is made up of all of the smaller cables in the earlier picture.

All 50 state flags are flying on the bridge. Here is the one from "N. Carolina."

Cars can cross the bridge. When they do, the bridge shakes.
Emil Barnabas
Emil driving an early Winnebago

Plenty to see and plenty to do!

Goats at the petting zoo who are worn out from all the petting

A Lama

Cactus - A no-sitting zone!

Santa's Reindeer

The rare white Buffalo

Regular buffaloes at lunch time

Reindeer at lunch time

Pretty, yet prickly!

You say Bison, I say Buffalo!

A Longhorn Sheep on the horizon

Longhorn Sheep who don't yet have their long horns

A tree with a trunk that looks quite withered

This is what the bridge looks like if you fall off it.

A carrousel
Emil Barnabas
Emil engineering the world-famous engine number 499!

A pretty XB. Is that dark magenta or dark cranberry?

Butterfly or Parkayfly?

This tree needs some dirt!

Can you see the little yellow raft 1000 feet below?

Way in the background, in the center, you can see the mountaintop that looks like John F Kennedy's face

"Hey buddy, you going as far as Lizard Lick?"

Nice house


Looks like mini Sequoia Cactus

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