Chris' trip to the Cheyene Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs

The giraffes love those crackers!

This guy tried to eat my hat. He thought it was a big cracker.

"Cracker Please"
Visitors can buy special alfalfa crackers to feed the giraffes. The walkways around the giraffe area are about 8 feet high, putting the giraffes at our eye level.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has more giraffes than any other zoo. They currently have 20 Reticulated Giraffes.

"Mmmmmm, tasty child"

"Please love me"

"Hey, how'd you get so tall"

"This is my good side"

Pretty eyes

Feeding Time!

The herd

Stooping for a little drink on a hot day

"Got crackers?"

A Red River Hog cooling off

Parts is parts!

Doing time for stealing crackers

Snakes alive!

Meerkat posing for the camera

View from above the giraffe area. Colorado Springs is in the valley in the background.

A metalic giraffe bench with a good view

A concrete giraffe bench

Beautiful carrousel

"Let me out please"

Black bear in his treehouse

The Giraffe House

No Parking zone with view down the mountain

He wants to be an actor, so he let me get some closeup shots.

Bird with a big nose

Very large python snake


Edge of a log cabin

Some serious necking!

Best Friends Forever

Chris with a giraffe

Chris feeding a giraffe

Chris petting a giraffe

Chris talking with a giraffe

Chris posing with a giraffe

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